NORNAHETTA – Synesthetic Pareidolia – Single Side 12″LP

SIGNAL REX is proud to present NORNAHETTA’s Synesthetic Parcidolia on 12″LP.

Hailing from the white-hot Icelandic black metal scene, NORNAHETTA are unique among their no-less-distinguished contemporaries for their challenging, largely-improvised aesthetic. Hand in hand with such an aesthetic is a strive for the outer reaches of the subconscious through psychedelic means, and that’s exactly what the aptly-fucking-titled Synesthetic Parcidolia accomplishes. Unremittingly ugly, restlessly roiling, and yet somehow imbued with buy cialis 5mg preternatural buy cialis pills nuance, the 19 minutes comprising Synthestic Parcidolia cave in the solar plexus and then swirl about the psyche with the restless savagery of the harshest fever dream. This is the purest distillation of NORNAHETTA to date: “No Rehearsal / No Writing / Only Death”…

(Text by Nathan T. Birk)

Coming late June 2017, records are now sent to press, limited to 100 ultra clear + 200 black records.