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In the year of 2013, Vordb Na R.iidr – an essential figure within the French Black Legions Circle of the 1990s – settled to pursue a full control and managing over his own art, one which throughout the past has been portrayed and usurped by displaced individuals and entities around the globe. By launching his biographical website, Kaleidarkness, Vordb presented a full disclosing of the origins and evolution of his creations, both spawned by his sole hand and assembles he was featured on, and also revealing audio endeavors that during the last 20 years were never past a close circle of trustees. By unearthing the sound, vision and words behind said projects, Vordb decided to take a step further and conjointly launches Fountain Of Darkness as the label, by so delivering a number of physical releases. One of those publications was a split CD between two sole projects of the Vordb Entity, Glorhme and Vénambre.
Summoned during anno 1996, one faces 23 minutes of audial darkness and utmost despair charged by two units unlike one another in formulaic aural and sonic upheaval, yet utterly conglomerating an (un)emotional stirring shade of bleak glowing intensity in and through the life of his architect. Glorhme disclose two marks of uncanny mystical disharmony by use of two electric guitars over a shadowy escorting synthesizer tailgate. The guitars and its inelegantly stirring performance pierce throughout ones’ soul on full on soloing mode, producing a high-pitched cluster of agonizing leads, each cord carving the disform abyss in burning blood and rotten air. Every ounce of blood and tears in contiguous to the listener in its warm density as it duly provides the pushing junction of this malignant pathway.
Succeeding such twisted six-string contortions of Glorhme, an immense veil of shrouding monstrous clouds emerges from the enduring void. Wails of disembodied specters, abrupt bats of percussive cadence and a ghastly ensemble of brewing guitar truncate an incredibly eerie, deathlike aura, arduous to touch in word-like form. While the rhythmic cadence is singularly reminiscent of other entities that could carry the words “Black” and “Metal” together, the horrid emanations here are yet far beyond any border. Four tracks, four treads through blistering gloom, Vénambre is the perfect aching dusk to the grieving woes of Glorhme.
Marking the first harvest of the Vordb / Black Gangrene Productions alliance, we hereby announce the release of the Glorhme / Vénambre split in a cassette format edition. With full supervision and cooperation among both parts, Black Gangrene proudly unveils this sepulchral and uncanny tome of pure darkness and suffocating anguish.

(Text by Mário Souto)
© The layout and audio are the exclusive copyright by the Vordb Entity, displayed under express permission.

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