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Lax mailer [Extra Protection]


Add extra protection to your order!

We use these mailers to send 5 or more records without incurring any extra costs, and regular mailers up to 4 records. However when ordering less than 5 records you can add this mailer to your order for 1 extra Euro and vouch extra protection to your records.

Postal Service handling is decreasing each day and we can’t assume their mistakes.

This product will not over charge your order weight. You will be just paying the mailer.

Product Description

Lax vinyl mailers, stable and suitable for mailing with added edge protection.

Factory sealed items will be shipped as they are but per request we can remove the shrink wrap and ship the vinyl record(s) outside the sleeve to avoid possible seam splits.

Vinyl that have been released in a resealable plastic bag, will be shipped outside the sleeve to avoid any damages/seam splits during transit.


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