MONS VENERIS – Untitled – 12″LP
MONS VENERIS – Untitled – 12″LPMONS VENERIS – Untitled – 12″LPMONS VENERIS – Untitled – 12″LP

MONS VENERIS – Untitled – 12″LP


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For the last decade, Portugal has been an indisputable milieu of creation, devotion and consecration in what raw, diabolically cruel Black Metal is concerned. With a cluster of groups and entities carving a path of parallel demonic allegiance, a landscape for unhallowed worship was established around the globe, an ardor following summoned by an array of releases that slashed the Underground’s heart and engraved its wicked flag. From said assemble, one particular entity dug into the nethermost bowels of abyssal madness and cold darkness, bearing profane maledictions of genuine, absolute nightmarish hell. The revenant vampire harvested as Mons Veneris drawn its suffocating grasp by means of a legion of releases ranging from uttermost despicable Black Metal insanity to psychotic regurgitations of experimental and ambient noise. Absorbing the credo instigated by the French Black Legions, the sound, aesthetics and very essence of such outputs brought forth a sonic revulsion encircled on a semblance of mystery, danger and death miasma.
The violent beginnings of Mons Veneris sparked a lavish bundle of scorn in the form of a plethora of demos, highly limited in their nature, that emerged last year in a broader context upon official handling and distribution by Black Gangrene. One of the aforementioned recordings was the Untitled full-length album.
Summoned during the outset of Mons Veneris in the mid 2000s, one is faced with a blistering incantation of putrid malevolence in the course of nine pieces gathered in one single track. On the course of half an hour, the listener is bounded to a claustrophobic sphere wherein deranged lo-fi Black Metal is interbred with infusions of ghastly bleak ambience. Therein is exhibited and discerned the essence behind this single opus, all the ingredients of the older phase of this succubus as a mantra of devouring vermin, an appraise to the death stench of Mons Veneris’ deviant dementia.
Visually enhanced from the cassette edition, the new edition of this record displays an exclusive afresh artwork, a portrayal of horrid decay aligned with the audial trait at hand, inhuman and relentless.

Released by Black Gangrene Productions on a limited vinyl edition, this record stands as a testament to our allegiance to the Black Metal Underground in all its subterranean might.

(Text by Mário Souto)
[Black Gangrene]

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