SIASKEL (Chi) “Haruwen Airen” DIGIPAK CD

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SIGNAL REX is proud to present SIASKEL’s second album, Haruwen Airen, on CD format. Born in 2003 in Santiago, Chile, SIASKEL started as a project between K´hmal Jauke on bass and Sinn Hayek on drums. After two years of a changing lineup, the band recruited Ma´hai Jippen, who became an essential member of SIASKEL. Years passed and different members, as well, giving birth to a demo released in 2010, Nar Kra Hohopen.

With their lineup now complete, SIASKEL worked on their first full-length album and recorded it over the course of 2010 and 2011. After different logistic problems with a label, the band decided to self-release this first album. Bearing the title Jatenentolpen Thejin, it finally saw the light on May 21, 2014. Less than a year later, SIASKEL recorded their second full-length, Haruwen Airen, and released it on cassette via Graceless Recordings in Febuary 2016. Quickly becoming a “dark horse” hit with many in the underground, SIGNAL REX saw fit to release the album on a wider scale.

Both in general and specifically to Haruwen Airen, SIASKEL summon an ominous legacy through the mythology and cosmogony of Selk’nam culture. All music, lyrics, and ideology of SIASKEL are related to the historical, religious, and astral concepts of the ones who rose up in the coldest and most hostile southern lands of the world: the Patagonian region of southern cialis Argentina and Chile, once ruled by the Selk’nam but who eventually became extinct by the mid-20th Century due to invasion by ethnic Europeans. Suitably, the music of SIASKEL – and Haruwen Airen specifically – is an invigorating brand of black/death metal that’s a subtle balance of not-so-subtle extremes: filthy yet clear, epic yet linear, aggressive yet nuanced. Favorable comparisons can be made to Dissection, Angelcorpse, and old Marduk as well as countrymen Demonic Rage, Occidens, and Insorcist, and Signal Rex couldn’t be more pleased to get this special album the attention it deserves.

November 18, 2016

Cover artwork, by Nox Fragor Art