THY SEPULCHRAL MOON (KR) – Contemptuous Retaliation Storm – CS

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After a debut EP in 2016, the vicious serpent named Thy Sepulchral Moon returns with a new dose of evil spells, entitled Contemptuous Retaliation Storm. With a barbaric draught of Chaos and Destruction, the trio stares into the abyss with five tracks of sadistic Black / Death Metal, including tributes to the ancient gods of perversion, Beherit and Non, with no contemplations present, only Death worship and suffocating delirium. The atmosphere of dread and ancient darkness conjured by the Canadian and South Korean specters is immense in its nefarious quality, both sonically as well as visual, being the tasteful graphic work a testament to the obliterating effect of the EP’s audial traits. The ghastly lo-fi sound is manifested on fast, minimalistic drums which set a primordial tone for the violent, ominous riffing that escorts the spectral wails and screams from the netherworld, a display of utter madness and devotion to the Sinister path.

Released by Signal Rex on a purple pro-tape edition with obi stripe, limited to 100 copies, Thy Sepulchral Moon projects the forecast for a world in flames by the sign of the Metal of Death, a profane mass of blasphemous incantations, imperial and mandatory.

(Mario Souto)