THY SEPULCHRAL MOON (KR) – Contemptuous Retaliation Storm – CS

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After a debut EP in 2016, the vicious serpent named Thy Sepulchral Moon returns with a new dose of evil spells, entitled Contemptuous Retaliation Storm. With a barbaric draught of Chaos and Destruction, the trio stares into the abyss with five tracks of sadistic Black / Death Metal, including tributes to the ancient gods of […]

MEGALITH GRAVE (USA) – From Effigies Past – CD

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SIGNAL REX is proud to present MEGALITH GRAVE’s From Effigies Past, a compilation of the band’s super-rare demo tapes. Playing “Raw Putrid Black Metal” exclusively, this one-man band has built up a sizable discography devoted to the darkest past of the ancient black metal underground. Strictly limited to 200 copies, the From Effigies Past CD […]

MORS DE CORPUS (AUS) – Promo 2017 – CS

Aussie Mors De Corpus advanced promo-tape, is available for free along with the purchase of the latest releases. Album is planned to show up around the end of year and split 12″LP shall be available around September…


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Founded in early 2011, Prison of Mirrors began as a black metal project by one L.S. Later, two other entities – Nocturnal Silence and Anubis – joined the band, thus beginning their common path of transcendence. Always dwelling in the unknown, many early ideas were sealed within the band’s debut EP, Nothing, in 2014, substantially containing the very […]

ORDEM SATÂNICA (POR) – Monte da Lua – 12″LP / CS

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Hailing from the rawest core of the thriving Portuguese black metal scene, Ordem Satânica are possessed by a hideous grimness that’s utterly hypnotizing. Despite not belonging to Portugal’s Black Circle (Mons Veneris, Vetala, Irae), Ordem Satânica’s sound is comparably chaotic and necrotic, bleary and blown-out. And yet, the trio possess a deceptive sense of melody, […]

NORNAHETTA (ISL) – Synesthetic Parcidolia – SS12″LP/CD

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Hailing from the white-hot Icelandic black metal scene, NORNAHETTA are unique among their no-less-distinguished contemporaries for their challenging, largely-improvised aesthetic. Hand in hand with such an aesthetic is a strive for the outer reaches of the subconscious through psychedelic means, and that’s exactly what the aptly-fucking-titled Synesthetic Parcidolia accomplishes. Unremittingly ugly, restlessly roiling, and yet […]

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