DRAUGSÓL (Ice) “Volaða Land” CD/LP

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The world may change, values and morality may fluctuate, yet everything stays the same. DRAUGSÓL fight against this with Volaða Land, knowing that the human being has to – and will always have to – deal with the primal fear of the unknown. Dive deeply into their debut album, for there is nothing certain but the uncertain. Let there be no hope of pardon, nothing but the certainty of death…

SIASKEL (Chi) “Haruwen Airen” DIGIPAK CD

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Six panel digipak cd on reverse side print with silver ink, 8 pages booklet featuring lyrics in English and Chilean.
Cover art by Nox Fagor Art
Layout by Alex Tedin

RECITATIONS (Nor) “The First Of The Listeneres” 12″LP


140gr black vinyl, single cover, inner black paper and outer sleeve, limited to 300 copies.

[Co-released with AVANTGARDE MUSIC | LIM300]

ENDALOK (Ice) “Englaryk” CS


Clear C18 cassettes, with double hit of black ink on pad, transparent shells with clear liner and black hubs on Super-ferro Normal-bias tape grade, pro-printed 2 panel j-card + 220 grs cardboard fold over slipcase, same program both sides.

MOASE (Por) “Vertigo” DIGIPAK CD

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Six panel digipak, with glowing blue spot UV in matte paper.

OBEISANCE / ORDO CAPER (Usa/Costa Rica) “Annihilation Fist” – CS

SIGNAL37 | Buy

LIM100, professional printed black cassette!

DULVITUND (Ice) “Huldar Slóðir” CS

DIS04CS | Buy

Black cassette with on-body tampography print, folded slipcase with matte lamination and shrink wrapping.


SIGNAL40 | Buy

Limited vinyl LP and cassette pressing will follow on Signal Rex later in 2017.

TENDAGRUTA (Por) “Ensalmo do Sargaço” CS

DIS01CS | Buy

Limited to 50 copies, in professional smoky dark cassettes, with white ink on tape’s shell + animal bone.

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