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The following releases are no on sale, if you have any pending order from the past week and you want to combine postage, before asking, please follow these instructions: Place your new order and pay. E-mail me back (use the contact form) or add a note on your new order, asking for combined shipping with your […]


All these releases are on their final stage of production and some of them already ready, samples and more info coming in due time, for those lacking of it. They will be on sale and ready to ship, massively, approx. by the end of June / first week of July. — > NO-PRE ORDERS! > […]

Cripta Oculta, LP & Merch

All Cripta Oculta pre-orders are now processed and ready to follow their end during today and tomorrow!  

NEW DISTRO ITEMS [03.06.2017]

OBEISANCE / ORDO CAPER – Annihilation Fist – CS

ODAL – …wilde Kraft – CS

ODAL – Einst verehert von allen / … und auf Erden tobt die Schlacht … – CS

RAVEN DARK – Berustet Av Kriegsdronnet – CS

RAVEN DARK – Ruler’s Age – CS

RAVEN DARK – Vervandi – CS

SAQRA’S CULT – Forgotten Rites – 12″LP

NORNAHETTA – Synesthetic Pareidolia – Single Side 12″LP

Unremittingly ugly, restlessly roiling, and yet somehow imbued with preternatural nuance, the 19 minutes comprising Synthestic Parcidolia cave in the solar plexus and then swirl about the psyche with the restless savagery of the harshest fever dream. This is the purest distillation of NORNAHETTA to date: “No Rehearsal / No Writing / Only Death”…

OBEISANCE / ORDO CAPER – Annihilation Fist – CS [OUT NOW]


Limited to 100 pro-cassettes!

Comes with double A5 insert for each of the bands, featuring lyrics.

NEW DISTRO ITEMS [19.05.2017]

〇 (IS) – Null & Void – CD
ACHERONTAS – Vamachara – TS
CANDELABRUM – The Gathering – Double 12″LP
DYSTHYMIA (IS) – The Shivering Opus – CD
IRAE – Crimes Against Humanity – 12″LP
IRAE – Crimes Against Humanity – CS
IRAE – Crimes Against Humanity – CD
MONS VENERIS – Untitled – 12″LP
NORDVARGR- Atra Acham – TS

New distro items [14.05.2017]

BLACK CILICE – Banished From Time – 12″LP [RED]
BLACK CILICE – Banished From Time – 12″LP [ULTRA CLEAR]
BLACK CILICE – Banished From Time – 12″LP [WHITE]
BLACK CILICE – Curses and Oaths – A5 2CD and more…

PRISON OF MIRRORS – Unstinted, Delirious, Convulsive Oaths – [Ep 2017]

Comprising two epic-length tracks composed over three long years, the trio delves deeper into the occult here, focusing mainly on medieval sorceries and the Left Hand Path, and thus have birthed a work which can only truly be accurately described as occult black metal. Dark and distant is its essence, forever bound to ancient mysteries: these are the Unstinted, Delirious, Convulsive Oaths.

Edited and Mastered by Stephen Lockhart at Studio Emissary, Iceland.

ORDEM SATÂNICA – Monte da Lua – [debut album]

When there are still revisionist reveries for the early ’90s boom of black metal, which inevitably died a slow death, there are bands in this millennium who harness that very real, very primordial power, and the raw Portuguese scene is currently at the forefront. Ordem Satânica carry the torch – have you been burned yet?

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