NEW DISTRO ITEMS [19.05.2017]

〇 (IS) – Null & Void – CD
ACHERONTAS – Vamachara – TS
CANDELABRUM – The Gathering – Double 12″LP
DYSTHYMIA (IS) – The Shivering Opus – CD
IRAE – Crimes Against Humanity – 12″LP
IRAE – Crimes Against Humanity – CS
IRAE – Crimes Against Humanity – CD
MONS VENERIS – Untitled – 12″LP
NORDVARGR- Atra Acham – TS

New distro items [14.05.2017]

BLACK CILICE – Banished From Time – 12″LP [RED]
BLACK CILICE – Banished From Time – 12″LP [ULTRA CLEAR]
BLACK CILICE – Banished From Time – 12″LP [WHITE]
BLACK CILICE – Curses and Oaths – A5 2CD and more…

PRISON OF MIRRORS – Unstinted, Delirious, Convulsive Oaths – [Ep 2017]

Comprising two epic-length tracks composed over three long years, the trio delves deeper into the occult here, focusing mainly on medieval sorceries and the Left Hand Path, and thus have birthed a work which can only truly be accurately described as occult black metal. Dark and distant is its essence, forever bound to ancient mysteries: these are the Unstinted, Delirious, Convulsive Oaths.

Edited and Mastered by Stephen Lockhart at Studio Emissary, Iceland.

ORDEM SATÂNICA – Monte da Lua – [debut album]

When there are still revisionist reveries for the early ’90s boom of black metal, which inevitably died a slow death, there are bands in this millennium who harness that very real, very primordial power, and the raw Portuguese scene is currently at the forefront. Ordem Satânica carry the torch – have you been burned yet?

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Fallen Emprie / Vrasubatlat releases.

The following items are still ON HOLD at the PT customs, once released from there, they will be shipped. Estimated time is aprox. 3/4 days as of now, April 4th. WORMLUST – MMVI – CS SKÁPHE – Untitled CS ARKHTINN – IV – CS AFSPRENGI SATANS – Seiðgall – CS URZEIT – Anmoksha – 12LP […]


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Back from SWR2017

SWR BARROSELAS METALFEST was Epic! Thanks to all involved; bands, friends and customers who came by the merch stall, as well all the new and old faces that we got the chance to meet across these 3 days. no mosh, no core! Meanwhile, we are answering emails/msgs and packing orders to be shipped next Friday. […]


We are now at the SWR BARROSELAS metal fest until next Monday, all orders and correspondence received during this period, will be handled right after!