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140g vinyl, with double sided 12" insert, black poly-lined inner housed on 350g jackets, inside flooded in black and PVC sleeve.

- 200 Black

- 50 Marble blood (SOLD OUT)

- 50 Blood Bandcamp Exclusive feat/ poster + exclusive patch + signed + hand-numbered (SOLD OUT)

In many ways, Morte Incandescente are THE penultimate Portuguese black metal band. They're comprised of Portugal's oldest and most prolific scene veterans, both of whom concurrently maintain their own long-running and highly regarded central creative vehicles: Vulturius with Irae and Nocturnus Horrendus with Corpus Christii. And while the raw black metal underground that they helped foment at the dawn of the new millennium has multiplied and malformed all around them, since their formation in 2001, Morte Incandescente have maintained their own unique headspace, always making the creation different yet the same - the vision overtaking all, no matter what form it takes. Rest assured, however, that Vulturius and Nocturnus Horrendus' vision is always one that's ancient-minded, uncompromising, and completely untrendy.

The same can be said for their long-awaited fifth album, Vala Comum (English: "mass grave"), which follows five years after the thirsty 'n' miserable ...o Mundo Morreu! Armed with a dungeonic soundfield that amplifies their intrinsic power, here do Morte Incandescente spit forth a surprisingly catchy, even "rocking," but entirely hateful slab of old-days black metal. Vintage only in the sense that it comes directly from those who created that original "vintage," Vala Comum authentically returns to a time when density and purity were a constant surface of the black metal "scene." From melancholic trudges to ghoulish blasts, Vala Comum is an album that transports the listener to the past, a past which is still present to the puritan listener: an album that is not meant to break any boundaries nor limits nor anything, but to invoke within that listener the timeless thought that black metal still remains pure in its clearest form to a select few people - to people that do not simply reside in the past, but who believe in an ancient essence and stick to it. As such, by "sticking to their guns" whether they're in fashion with Bandcamp collector-nerds or not, Morte Incandescente indeed have the fullest arsenal. And they don't need you.

Lurking, skulking, mangled and malaissed, Morte Incandescente again offer poignant proof that true black metal is timeless, eternal, undead - and doesn't need to live anyway. They'll persist in their own world forevermore, and indeed is it a Vala Comum! 

Morte Incandescente is:

- Nocturnus Horrendus - Drums, Vocals,Keyboards, Harmonica & Lyrics,

- Vulturius von Tenebras - Guitars, Bass & Vocals

All songs by Morte Incandescente

Recorded by Morte Incandescente at Rock´n´raw & S.A.T.H.R studios between May & August 2020

Mixed & Mastered by Diogo Santana at Noise Portrait Productions