TEUFELSBERG - Pact mit dem Teufel - LP

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- Silver w/black marble or Black 140g vinyl

- 350g jackets

- 12" insert

- Black poly-lined innerbag

- All assembled in a PE sleeve (vinyl aside of the sleeve)

Since their ascent from time's abyss in with the public debut with the 2020 demo Ancient Darkness Triumphant, Poland's TEUFELSBERG have stood against the modern world - and namely, the modern "black metal underground." Using their noble Polish roots as an unshakable aesthetic foundation, the horde lit fires for the olden days with each successive recording, culminating in both a covenant with SIGNAL REX and their debut album, Ordre du Diable, during the early half of 2022.

Keeping those fires blazing brightly and blacker than ever, TEUFELSBERG return their second full-length strike, Pakt mit dem Teufel. As cold and grim as ever, the band here spelunk among corridors rich in the treasures of pre-internet black metal, integrating not only their ancient Polish idiom but also contemporaneous Nordic and Hellenic ones. In a sense, there's a sense of deja vu...initially, as the deeper one dives among TEUFELBERG's treasures, the more those jewels shimmer in a manner uniquely the band's own. As ever, the horde's raw-yet-clear tones and attendant execution are superlative for their defiance against prevailing trends, and the full might of their mysticism is surely felt every second of this six-song/38-minute album.

"Pakt mit dem Teufel was signed in blood somewhere in Poland during the full moon in 2022," the band declare. "TEUFELSBERG continues to follow the path of Unholy Black Metal. The funeral bell carries its song bathed in moonlight. It calls impure souls to the top of the Devil's Mountain, calls to make a pact and worship HIM."