MOONSTRUCK - Kingdom Of The Dark Majesty - CS

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1st press limited to 100 copies on classic cristal clear tape shell with black liner and white ink!

Fullstream at NO GLEAMING LIGHT (click to listen at YT)


Moonstruck is:

  • Arcanos - Guitars and Bass
  • Haarniska - Vocals
  • Human Animal - Drums


  • Mastering and Mixing: Anleifr / Oriflamme Audio
  • Cover Art: Misa Horkio

    "As is often the case with Finnish black metal, Moonstruck delivers a highly harmonious yet fiercely aggressive sound. The high-pitched vocals and fast-paced tempo create an intense, misanthropic atmosphere. Although reminiscent of Kratti’s harmonious style, Moonstruck's sound is notably harsher and devoid of synthesisers, setting it apart. This divergence from that element deliberately moves Moonstruck towards a rawer, more unfiltered sound. The drumming, resembling Krusifoitu’s blackened death metal fierceness, adds a layer of aggression, contributing to a unique, albeit familiar, auditory experience, as the relentless percussion drives the ferocity of the music, anchoring the chaotic yet controlled cacophony.

    "Kingdom Of The Dark Majesty" offers a glimpse into the band’s potential, showcasing their ability to merge melody with brutality with each track is meticulously crafted, with an emphasis on maintaining the raw essence of black metal while incorporating nuanced melodic elements. This balance between harshness and harmony shows their musical prowess and understanding of the black metals roots.

    If you are a fan of primordial black metal with saccharine melodies, this demo is a great choice, along with its satellite projects. Moonstruck stands as a promising new entity in the black metal landscape. The raw, unpolished sound, combined with the melodic undertones, offers a refreshing take on traditional black metal, ensuring that “Kingdom Of The Dark Majesty” will resonate with purists as well as newcomers."

    Description by: MÃO DA GLORIA (click to read)