IZROD - Sarajevski Odisej - LP

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- 140g vinyl + 12" insert

- 100 black vinyl

- 150 gold with black marble (STORE EXCLUSIVE)

The Bosnian void masters return at last, with a blazing new record of nothingness worship and incessant passion.

Now under their third incarnation, the project, previously known as Void Prayer, and originally born under the name of Cave Ritual, delivers here their third full-length record, but appears here very aptly refurbished and reborn in what, sonically, definitely appears to be a culmination of sorts of the sound the band has been molding since its audial shift in 2019.

Although "The Grandiose Return to the Void" had already been a triumphant shift in direction, with "Sarajevski Odisej", a deserved nod to Homer's ancient epic, the Black Plague Circle stalwarts achieve a new, unquestionable triumph in songwriting, with absolute elite orchestration and sound structure. From blazing riffs of majestic, serpentine melodicism, to mind-bending dissonance and the absolutely fiery, ecstatic leads, Izrod appear to approach a sound style closer to that of Misþyrming's most recent LP's, with clear inspiration also from DsO or late era Mayhem, but by all means making their own distinct sound. With much more daring elements like the almost Progressive and Jazzy interludes in tracks like "Siva smrt" and "Tibet više nije Tibet", the bass also absolutely shines in these passages pulsating energy straight into the black dimension.

Definitely one of the year's highlights so far in my book!



Music and lyrics for "Sarajevski Odisej" were written and recorded during cold winters and humid summers throughout 2020-2023, in Sarajevo, by Izrod.

Front cover photography by: Neven Šotra.

Izrod logo by: Karmazid.


AJ - bass, back vocals

EG - guitars, back vocals

HP - guitars, back vocals

OR - drums, vocals