VERMISST - Zmierzch Stalowej Ciemności - LP

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Released at the dawn of 2020 on CD format, Zmierzch Stalowej Ciemności was VERMISST's first, fuller-length strike since their formation in 2018. Despite being a relatively new entity, the band's sound is undoubtedly OLD, hailing the old gods of their Polish homeland's rich black metal heritage. Cryogenically cold, unremittingly grim, shrouded in a mysticism rich in ancient splendor, VERMISST are thoroughly mid '90s Polish black metal for a modern world too long neglectful of the Old Ways. Pure and proud, Zmierzch Stalowej Ciemności is poignant proof that classicism endures no matter the decade, and that ever-so-subtle twists on tradition can result in resoundingly "new" manifestations worthy of that noble lineage.

Now, courtesy of fans-from-the-beginning SIGNAL REX, VERMISST's Zmierzch Stalowej Ciemności is being released on vinyl format for the first time ever, with three exclusive (and righteously raw) tracks expanding the release to 40 minutes in length.


Belath – guitar

Vorghast – vocals

Kvalvaag – keys

Session members:

Vlambré – bass

Bloodwhip – guitar

Vulgrim – drums

Material was recorded during april / october 2019.

Music: Vermisst, lyrics: Vorghast

Mix and mastering Kvalvaag.

Front cover art by Vorghast and Nightwolf

Layout by Heresie Graphics

Bonus songs were recorded during cold nights of december 2019 by Belath (guitars) and Vorghast (drums) only. Beyond this world… No special mix or mastering.. Just real emotions and energy…

This album is dedicated to the memory of George Trakl (1887 – 1914) and Marcelina Kulikowska (1872 – 1910). The rest does not matter…. We are the dust…