ORDEM SATÂNICA - Perpetuum Satanas - LP

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- Black 140g vinyl

- Black Marble on Red 140g vinyl

- Half-Half Black w/ Orange-Gold 140g vinyl (each one is a unique combination with a wide range of hallucinatory variations) - sent randomly!!


- 350g jackets

- 12" off-set insert

- Black poly-lined innerbag

- All assembled in a PVC overbag (vinyl aside of the sleeve)

- Layout carefully designed & arranged by AILESSANGLANTES

"The Portuguese tyrants and forefathers of the clandestine Aldebaran Circle return, with a new full-length release, two years after their last output, the excellent split with Adytum, and 4 years after their self-titled full length.

One of the bands that was at the origin of the Aldebaran Circle, existing before its formative years, and which gave rotten birth to one of the best and most prolific movements in the portuguese scene and in the Raw Black Metal underground as a whole since the Black Circle.

Now seemingly acting with more members for this album, and recording as a four-piece, Ordem Satânica returns with a slightly more grounded sound. With more prolificacy in the drumming, and a sound which, similarly to their split with Adytum, seems more composed than their previous, improv-leaden recordings, with more layered guitars and structured approach. 

This does not however, by any means, compromise their hermetic essence and unapologetic malignity of the project. This sound is still very much Raw Black Metal, recorded live and onto tape Ordem Satânica continues to deliver a piece of atavistic and demented satanic ordeal, praising the horned god and his declared war towards the lambs. The order's rotten essence remains untouched, conjuring spontaneous serpentine odes towards the christian death, accompanied by the intoxicating pulses of the bass and the ever-demented and highly diverse vocal styles. Resounding here a bit more like Trono Além Morte's EP, "As Portas da Ruína", although with a distinct more blasphemous and primitive approach, which also conserves their typical moments of noisy, acrid feedback accompanied by dismal incantations.

The Aldebaran finally strikes back with a new record, hoping to see the circle back again with more activity in the times to come.

Released by Signal Rex on putrid cassette tape and vinyl, as the order most aptly fits."